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We'll produce your amazing video that conveys your information clearly, quickly and in an entertaining fashion. Our video production services include, Event Videos, Commercial Videos, Promotional Videos, Web Videos, Short Films, Documentary's, Broadcast Videos, Animated Films and much more.

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Video Production

  • Event Videos
  • Commercial Videos
  • Informercial Videos
  • Website Videos
  • Corporate Videos
  • Short Films
  • Documentary's
  • Product Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Informational Videos
  • Broadcast Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Presentation Videos
  • Animated Films

Video Production

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Video Production

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Video Production

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Video Production

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Feature Films

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Video Production

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Video Animation
& Audio

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Expect the best video production.
We'll provide everything you need.

Quality Video Equipment

At Pixel Source we use only the best video production equipment including top of the line camera's, lights and microphones. We'll capture the scene in high definition and record the sound in clear and crisp condition. You'll receive the best quality of equipment possible during and after the video production creation.

Professional Production Crew

At Pixel Source, our professional crew has over 15 years of in video production and technology. Everyone on our team has the passion and technical knowledge to product top quality videos for our clients. The Pixel Source Video Production team has worked on producing videos for every type of production.

Advanced Video Editing

Our video editing experts use the latest technology to edit and modify the video production stills to create a magnificent production that will impress your audience. We use the best computer software and high quality imaging programs to product the entire video. The end result will always be a video that flows together smoothly.

Video Production Services

Story boarding
& Pre-Production

We'll illustrate the concepts and scenes of your video in detail to structure the production process.

Video Editing

We'll produce a video that flows and transcends the message and visuals in an amazing fashion.

Production & Post Production

Our production crew will keep a controlled environment and produce quality results throughout the production process.

Motion Graphics & Audio

Our special effects team will create stunning motion graphics and animations as well as incredible sounds.

Meet the Production Team

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